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    HD камера RX-HD60S

  • High Definition (HD) Auto tracking camera RX-HD60S is widely used in Conferencing, Churches, Scenes of the incident, courts, media centers, schools and so on
  • High Definition (HD) 1080P 20X zoom auto tracking camera RX-HD60S is Professional developed communication type Color Camera mainly for the video conferencing, education, clarssroon and church.Have two scene, one is 20X zoom fo full image, another is small the tracking camera ;which is Adapt 1/2.8″ CMOS, 3.5 Megapixels, The maximum resolution can reach 1080P 50/60,20X Optical Zoom, while built-in High-Speed full PTZ, allows users to clearly observe small or distant targets. The Video conference camera adopts integrated design, beautiful appearance, unique style, reasonable structure, smooth and reliable operation, no noise, Accurate positioning, high reliability, long-term stable operation. Easy to use and maintain. Two SDI Output, one output is for full image, and another is for special featrue image
  • Patented 2-cam design, perfect tracking effect design
  • 1/2.8″ CMOS, 3.5Megapixels
  • Using precision stepper motor driver, Flexible operation& controlling, positioning accuracy (В± 0.1 В°)
  • Unique 355 degree horizontal unlimited consecutive pan, tilt range 120 degrees
  • Maximum horizontal rotation speed of 80 В° / sec, vertical rotation speed of 60 В° / sec
  • 9 preset positions by IR remote controller, 255 preset positions by PC or keyboard controller, memory auto store when power off
  • VISCA and PELCO P / D protocol optional
  • Enter and exit the menu via IR Remote button directly
  • 200 addresses can be set (can be controlled 7 cameras via VISCA)
  • Multi control methods available, support IR remote control, RS-232C / 422 serial controls
  • Two installation methods: desktop or ceiling mounting
  • Information feedback automatically prompts
  • Preset automatically correct
  • Full compatibility with SONY terminal
  • HD камера RX-HD60S

    Параметры RX-HD60S

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