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    HD камера RX-HD92R

  • Video conferencing cameras RX-HD92R is widely used in video conferencing, remote education, remote medical, church, accident, court, multimedia, chain store, transportation, airport and other monitor area
  • RX-92R is a new HD USB3.0 video conferencing IP camera which designed for video conferencing business, 5X/12X optical zoom optional , Wide Angle 60.9~ 84.5 degree, 3.10MP, high resolution 1080p30/25, offer ultra-high quality image. This video conferencing camera refined aesthetic shape, operation smoothly, without noise, accurate location, high reliability and long-term stability run, no need for maintenance.Multi protocol communication, desktop at ceiling mount installation, qualified for video conferencing
  • 5X/12X optical zoom optional, 3.10Megapixels,1080p30/25
  • USB interface plug&play, USB3.0+IP output
  • Support VISCA and Pelco P/D protocol
  • 9 preset positions by Visca, 200 preset positions by Pelco
  • Support desktop Tripod, Pole and ceiling mount
  • Suitable for small and middle conference room
  • Can build in wireless speakerphone (Optional)
  • HD камера RX-HD92R

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    Схема RX-HD92R

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