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    Микрофон RX-M2

  • Conference microphone speaker is widely used with our video conference camera and Suitable for company meeting, education, telemedecine, government. Fit for video conference system. One meeting room with 1-3 microphone is the best
  • Conference microphone speaker RX-M2 Omni-directional microphone is a conference phone products not only through your computer’s interface on the Internet for high quality Internet Telephony Conference but also through the headphones wireles mobile phone interface as a speaker and microphone for hands-free calling device, high-quality mobile Conference. Conference microphone speaker has classic and elegant shape is easy to carry. With industry-leading full-duplex audio technology, canperform two-way talks, naturally smooth, clear voice performance is quiteremarkable
  • Interfaceпјљ USB 2.0 (full) , 3.5mm in/out
  • Certifications & StandardsпјљFCC Part 68, FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark (R & TTE Directive)
  • lightweight,easy to carry
  • Structural design firm, and ensure quality
  • Full duplex technology conference call is clear
  • Support the computer Internet conference call
  • Support mobile Conference
  • Support for a computer or a mobile phone music playback and recording
  • USB interface from the driver, Plug and play
  • Микрофон RX-M2

    Параметры RX-M2

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